Cleveland Clinic

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, September 11:

  • DeWine opposes Issue 1 on fall ballot;
  • Cleveland Clininc Children's to open first outpatient facility;
  • August state gambling revenue up from last year;
  • 18 businesses pull out of beer trail after derogatory social media post;
  • Black sorority members sue restaurant after police called;
  • Fallen tree kills woman, injures father;
  • Virginia fighter jets to fly to Ohio amid Hurricane Florence;

DeWine opposes Issue 1 on fall ballot

Rana Begum's paint and powder coated aluminium artwork hangs prominently on the first floor of the Clinic's Taussig Cancer Center.
Mark Arehart / WKSU

Millions pass through the doors of the Cleveland Clinic each year. With dozens of buildings on its main campus, there are miles and miles of wall space full of artwork. On this week’s State of the Arts, join us for a tour.

Photo of the Cleveland Clinic's Miller Family Pavillion

Cleveland Clinic doctors are treating brain cancer patients with a new device.

Brain catheters developed by the hospital and Parker Hannifin Corp. are designed to bypass the blood brain barrier and allow drugs to be directly administered to the tumor.  

photo of Mike DeWine

The Grand Old Party ticket for the state’s chief executive office announced a new wellness initiative. The proposed plan would first roll out for all state employees, then eventually for people on Medicaid.

photo of heroin and syringe

Here are your morning headlines for Monday, July 23: