Algal Blooms

photo of Chippewa Lake

Communities around Ohio are increasingly finding bodies of water turning toxic in late summer. Phosphorous runoff from farms creates conditions that feed harmful blooms. It’s happening repeatedly at Chippewa Lake in Medina County, which currently has an advisory indicating toxic levels that could kill pets and injure people.

View of Lake Erie
Jeff St. Clair / WKSU

Local officials are hoping Congress will help provide funding to clean up algae bloom in Lake Erie. Cleveland Water Alliance Director Bryan Stubbs testified before a committee Tuesday, asking for additional funding to resolve the issue of algal bloom.  The rapid increase of harmful algal bloom is sweeping across the United States, including Ohio.Stubbs and others told a U.S.

photo of Lake Erie algae bloom

Gov. John Kasich is fighting for his clean Lake Erie initiative that includes tougher regulations on Ohio’s No. 1 industry. As Kasich argues, his proposed rules on fertilizer is in everyone’s best interest.

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OSU research - algae

Researchers in Ohio are beginning a three-year study, looking for keys to predicting, mitigating, controlling or even preventing harmful algal blooms in rivers and streams all over the country. 

An Ohio State University team led by assistant professor Mazeika Sullivan of the environmental and natural resources school got the grant from the EPA.  They’re to analyze, and categorize algae activity throughout the upper Ohio River basin.