Akron City Council

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Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan says he doesn’t need City Council’s approval to get an issue on the November ballot that could lead to changing Akron’s primary election day.

Horrigan wants to move the city’s primary to May, for cost efficiency and to make getting absentee ballots ready for November easier.

But that means changing the city charter. Horrigan asked council to approve a charter amendment to be put on the ballot, but some Council members opposed the idea.

photo of Rick Edwards, Bertina King

Akron City Council will decide tonight whether to pursue a $1 million federal grant so police can process a backlog of sexual assault cold cases.

In 2012, Akron sent 1,822 rape kits to be tested – some dating from the mid-1990s. Close to half of the kits came back with a match to someone in the FBI’s national DNA database.

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Some Akron City Council members are considering whether changes need to be made to ordinances related to urban agriculture, in the wake of an unsuccessful proposal to hike fees for beekeepers.

The city had proposed raising the fees for beekeepers from $5 a hive to $50, but after public protests, Mayor Dan Horrigan withdrew the proposal.