YSU, OSU Help Students get Internships in the Export Business

Dec 28, 2015

YSU Export Internship Class of 2015, with university President Jim Tressel

To help Ohio businesses expand their horizons, the state and two major universities have come together to offer special “export” internships.

The job part is full-time for the summer, and it pays. The State of Ohio kicks in to help participating employers with that.

The academic part is handled by Ohio State and Youngstown State universities and involves a semester of focused study on the business of exporting -- after which comes the real-world, working internship lined up for each student by the program. 

Dean Betty Joe Licatta of the Youngstown State's Williamson School of Business Administration explains: “There’s really a matching process that goes on.  So, once the companies are selected in later March, and the people running the program at the two universities, plus the state, will work together to identify the best matches for the students and the companies.”

A dozen students have been selected by each school for the 2016 program and businesses that want to participate have until March 15th to apply.