The View Beyond Pluto: What's in a Calf? Maybe the Indians Playoff Hopes

5 hours ago

The latest controversy for MLB teams and analysts seems to come from an unlikely place: Indians third baseman Josh Donaldson's calf injury. Teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox are reportedly upset that Donaldson came to Cleveland and was put on the disabled list again.

But WKSU sports commentator Terry Pluto says those teams should quit complaining about the trade because the Indians are taking a gamble on Donaldson.

The Indians have a history with players who have calf muscle troubles. Outfielder Lonnie Chisenhall is one example. He's only played 47 games since the 2017 All-Star break and last played this season in July.

"The reason your mind blanked on (Chisenhall) (is because) it's been so long since he's played," Pluto said.

But if -- and that might be a big "if"-- Donaldson is healthy, he could be a major asset to the Indians.

"The fun thing will be to see, does this work with Donaldson," Pluto said.

In short, it is a gamble. But Pluto said it is a gamble that could take the Indians far.

"I think they felt the team as it was put together right now, wasn't good enough to get back to the World Series," he said. "There was a whole lot of things that have to go right and a lot of times most things don't go right. This guy, who can get hot...could help get them back."

But, as Pluto pointed out, there might be some incentive for Donaldson to bring results to the team. The Indians want Donaldson to play well just as much as Donaldson does. 

"Donaldson wants to play well to get another contract because if he goes out there and pulls another calf muscle..." Pluto said. "By the way, if he says he's hurt, he's hurt. There's millions of dollars on the line for him right now."