Summit Developmental Disabilities Adult Day Centers will Close

Dec 14, 2015

Summit County’s Developmental Disabilities Board is shutting down all six of its adult services centers. WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports on why, when, and who will be affected. 

Summit County Developmental Disabilities day centers assist clients with opportunities for piece work and what the agency calls "habilitation services."   The aim  is to help them become more integrated into the community, and expand their personal horizons.

Board spokeswoman Billie Jo David 

Summit DD Communication Director says there is plenty of time, and a plan, for transitioning clients clients to other service providers

says the day centers can no longer provide services that are directly paid for by Medicaid and be case managers for people getting the service. A 2014 federal law says that’s conflict of interest.

The first of the centers will close this summer -- the one on West Exchange Street in Akron.  But she says, the closing of all six will be gradual, with a transition of care to private providers.


 “About sixty percent of the adults we serve in day programs already are receiving their services from somebody other than Summit DD.  Summit DD is still coordinating and funding those.  And still insuring the health and safety of those individuals.  And, we will continue with those functions.” 


The agency has until 2024 to eliminate all of its day service centers.