RTA Announces Cost-Saving Cuts to Cleveland Buses and Trains

Jan 16, 2018

RTA General Manager Joe Calabrese with member of the board during a December meeting.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority will start cutting service in March, the first in a series of cost–saving measures coming over the next year. The first round of cuts will mean fewer buses and trains in operation.

At RTA’s board meeting Tuesday, General Manager Joe Calabrese announced reduced frequencies along routes. The changes vary, but along some routes, buses that came every 15 minutes will be 20 or 30 minutes apart.

The changes take effect March 11 and are expected to save $4 million. Transit advocates like Gloria Aron urged the board to reconsider the cuts.

“Cutting our resources is not the only alternative you have.”

RTA’s board could put a sales tax increase on the ballot, but have yet to start the process. Board members emphasized lobbying state legislators for increased funding. In March, the board will consider the rest of the plan to reduce the agency’s budget by $20 million.