From Puppies to Pot: 2018's Possible Ballot Issues

Jan 1, 2018

Other issues include Congressional redistricting and legislation affecting breeding and pet stores.

For the next seven months, a few groups will be circulating petitions, trying to get enough valid signatures to put issues on the 2018 general ballot.

Advocates of Congressional redistricting reform are hoping to get a plan before voters next fall. But Ohio lawmakers are trying to get their own plan through the Legislature by Feb. 7 to put it on the ballot in May.

A full-out legalization of marijuana might also be on the ballot.

Animal rescue groups are collecting signatures to overturn a 2016 law that prevents cities from regulating pet stores and cracking down on irresponsible breeders.

Another potential ballot issue would allow low-level drug offenders to be released from prison and would direct the savings to treatment programs.

Because these are proposed constitutional amendments, they can only be on the November ballot, so backers need more than 300,000 valid signatures for each issue by July.