Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Cut Ohio Lawmakers' Pay

Mar 30, 2016

A proposed constitutional amendment would cut lawmakers' pay

UPDATE 10:28 a.m.: The sponsors of the plan to reduce pay for legislators have filed a challenge with the Ohio Supreme Court over the decision to divide the proposal into multiple issues on the ballot..  

Ohio lawmakers could see a pay cut in their future if a group pushing a proposed constitutional amendment gets its way. 

Jack Boyle is with a group circulating petitions to put before Ohio voters a package that he says would do four simple things, starting with tying legislator pay with median Ohio household income.

“Their pay will equal our pay. Second, they can’t pass any bill unless it affects them as well. Third, they can’t lobby for pay for a period of two years. And fourth, their records have to be kept safe for four years under government control. Period.”

The Ohio Ballot Board approved the issue for circulation last week but divided it into three separate proposals. Boyle says his group is looking over its legal options to challenge that. Once the group decides how to proceed, more than 305,000 valid signatures will be needed by the end of June to put the proposals before voters this fall.