Ohio's Right to Life Chief Will Recuse Himself From an Ohio Medical Board Abortion Case

Aug 23, 2016

Ohio Right to Life and Ohio State Medical Board president Mike Gonidakis says he will not be the deciding factor on a pending abortion case and that he does not intend to resign from the medical board.

There are calls for the president of the Ohio State Medical Board to step down over comments he’s made about a pending case. 

Earlier this month, Ohio Right to Life filed a complaint with the state’s medical board, accusing three Dayton physicians of performing an abortion on a woman who was could not give consent because she had been drugged or impaired.

Ohio Right to Life’s president Mike Gonidakis is also the president of the state medical board. Common Cause spokeswoman Catherine Turcer says he should step down.

“He’s made it really clear that he’s already made a decision in a case that is coming before the state medical board,” Turcer said.

Gonadakis says he won’t be deciding that case.

“I will recuse myself from the case, just to avoid the appearance of a conflict,” he said.

However, Gonadakis says he won’t step down from the board. He says he’s done a good job and wants to continue as president of the medical board until his term is up at the end of next year.