Ohio Teachers Union Is Pushing For Scrutiny of ECOT

Oct 4, 2017


The state’s largest teachers union is urging tough scrutiny on a change of status for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, the union says it’s up to the Ohio education department to make sure the state isn’t duped by the online charter school.

The Ohio Education Association sent a letter to the state, asking it to make sure the ECOT meets all requirements before allowing it to become a dropout recovery school. 

That means the majority of ECOT’s students must be at least 16-years-old and majority must be one grade-level behind.

The change in status would hold ECOT to a lower standard, and would likely lead to better state report cards.

The state teachers union says verification is important, and it's not enough to take ECOT at its word. The state has found that ECOT has inflated student participation numbers in the past.

The education department is still reviewing the education associations'  letter.