Ohio Closes Six Driver's License Reinstatement Centers, Moves Service to Deputy Registrars

Jan 1, 2018

New ways to apply for reinstatement
Credit BMV

At the end of this week (Jan. 7), Ohio is closing the six regional centers where people have gone to have their driver’s licenses reinstated. But as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, they have hundreds of other options.

Ohio drivers whose licenses were suspended because of accumulated points, lack of insurance or other reasons used to have to go to the regional centers to file the paperwork and pay the fees for reinstatement. Bureau of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman Kristen Castle says that’s been transitioning to the roughly 200  deputy registrars in Ohio.

“What we started to do a few years ago was expand resources to support customer access. And now those full reinstatement services will be available in all 88 counties.”

Unlike the reinstatement centers, the deputy registrars will charge $10 for each transaction – including each installment payment applied toward reinstatement. But Castle says people can avoid those fees by handling their reinstatements by mail or on-line.

The centers in Northeast Ohio that are closing are in Parma, Canton and Youngstown.