Northeast Ohio's Craft-Beer Industry Continues to Grow

May 31, 2018

The state’s craft beer industry is continuing to grow, and Northeast Ohio is a major reason, according a new real estate report.

The study, which calculates the square feet of real estate space used by Ohio breweries, finds the Cleveland market makes up nearly 30 percent of the state total. It is second in the state behind Cincinnati.

Research analyst Demetri Sampanis says the increasing number of brew pubs like those in Cleveland might be bringing traffic to otherwise vacant areas.

“A lot of them may be located in smaller neighborhoods or older retail districts, but now brew pubs or microbreweries are coming in and taking some of those older functionally obsolete buildings and repurposing them into breweries,” he said.

The report also directly references expansion efforts by Fat Head’s Brewery and Great Lakes Brewing Company.