Contractors File Millions in Liens Against the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Project

Jan 8, 2018

Construction of the new Tom Benson Stadium in Canton was completed in the nick of time for the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame game last August.  But five months later, the sub-contractors who got it done say they are still haven’t gotten paid. 

John Ross, Attorney at Law
Credit Harbst & Ross Ltd. website

John Ross is a Northeast Ohio Attorney representing some of the Benson Stadium contractors. He says his four clients are among a group of sub-contractors who filed liens against the property in the past week totally nearly $6 million.

“So that’s what about seven contractors have done so far because they have not been paid for the work they put into the project.”

Ross was asked if the contractors have been putting out up front money to cover materials and expenses --and paying their workers.

“Yes, they have.  And they’ve paid their employees.”

He was also asked if the developer, managing group, or Hall of Fame have said why payment has not been made. “No, they haven’t.  And I don’t know, there is no explanation.”

Tom Benson Stadium cost about $150 million to build.