Bloomberg Analysis Finds Rover Pipeline Is Among the Worst for Environmental Violations

Aug 22, 2017

The analysis includes the pipeline's impact on Ohio, including destroying a historic house and spilling into wetlands in the state.

An analysis from Bloomberg finds that the Rover Pipeline has received more environmental violations than any other major interstate natural gas pipeline built in the past two years. That includes damage in Ohio.

Rover’s impact on Ohio includes the destruction of a historic house, damage to state wetlands and spilling drilling fluid near Canton's main water field.

Ohio EPA spokesman James Lee says the pipeline has met most of the state’s orders, except for one that requires them to submit a storm water management permit.

“Ohio EPA’s priority continues to be making sure that Rover complies with the state’s environmental laws. Whether that’s related to protecting ground water or surface water, the agency is committed to taking all necessary precautions.”

Though Lee declined to comment on the Bloomberg report, Ohio EPA officials have been openly critical of Rover’s noncompliance and have recently requested civil action against the pipeline’s parent company, Energy Transfer Partners.