Akron Launches Quick Response Teams to Fight the Overdose Crisis

Mar 2, 2017

True to his word in Tuesday’s State of the City Address, Mayor Dan Horrigan today  launched a “Quick Response Team” program for overdose cases in Akron. 

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

According to Mayor Horrigan, quick response teams comprise an Akron police officer, a fire department medic, and a treatment counselor from the Summit County Health department.  Once a week, teams visit overdose patients revived with Narcan the week before.  

Horrigan stressed that this is not about law enforcement;  it is an outreach program.

“They will offer treatment resources to the overdose victim and the family.  And where this model has been successful, such as Hamilton County, the QRT has resulted in a 35 percent reduction in overdoses, and an 80 percent  success rate in getting people into treatment.”

The initial rollout of the program involves specific Quick Response Team days, but those are likely to be expanded over time.