Akron Had the Best 'Third-Grade Reading Guarantee' Scores Among Ohio's Big Urban Districts

Mar 24, 2016

Among Ohio's big eight urban districts, Akron scored highest on the third-grade reading guarantee, while Toledo scored lowest.
Credit KIPP

The Ohio Department of Education is touting improved third-grade reading guarantee numbers.

The state says 94.1 percent of Ohio’s third graders passed the reading test and moved on to the fourth grade last school year.

The so-called “third-grade reading guarantee” was created by Gov. Kasich's administration to make sure students reached a certain reading ability before they could be promoted.

Of the eight big urban schools, Akron had the best score with 99.7 percent advancing to fourth grade; Toledo had the lowest at 71.9 percent.

This is different from the K-3 literacy measure found on district report cards. That category measures how a district fared in helping students who were identified as struggling readers.

Ohio's eight largest urban districts scored as follows:

  • Cleveland - 86.3 percent
  • Columbus - 89.5 percent
  • Cincinnati - 96.5 percent
  • Youngstown - 95 percent
  • Canton - 87.9 percent
  • Dayton - 85 percent
  • Toledo - 71.9 percent
  • Akron - 99.7 percent