Akron Civic Hackathon Uses Collaboration to Tackle the City's Problems

Dec 4, 2017

"Hack N Akron 3.0" will take place Saturday, Dec. 9th.
Credit Launch League

The city of Akron hopes to find a new way of solving some of its problems by partnering with a local startup accelerator. Launch League’s annual “Hack N Akron” brings together inventors, entrepreneurs and tech experts.

Akron Deputy Chief of Staff Annie McFadden says the group will work together on data entry, neighborhood branding and a more streamlined reservation system for the city’s learning centers.

“We’re kind of being innovative and, again, thinking outside the box in terms of not only problem-solving, but how to best engage with our residents and our entrepreneurs, and the tech community in general. ... I think it empowers people to take ownership of their city and the problems that the city has a little bit more."

“Hack N Akron 3.0” takes place this coming Saturday.