Tyler Thompson

News Intern


Tyler Thompson is currently a senior at Kent State University, focusing on multimedia journalism. He works for Black Squirrel Radio as a writer, article coordinator, DJ and production director. A former graduate at the University of Akron, he has a degree in firefighter protection where he earned his state license and graduated the EMT-Basic program from Akron General Hospital.

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Second Chance Village

Twenty-five people living in an Akron resident’s backyard will have to find new homes by Thanksgiving.

Two months ago, the Akron City Council voted to evict the people living in a tent city at The Homeless Charity, owned by Sage Lewis.

Unlikely poster

Two Los Angeles film makers are featuring Akron as a part of their new documentary, UNLIKELY.

Jaye and Adam Fenderson found that 50 percent of students who start college, don’t finish. Their film looks at college success and achievement across four cities – Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta and Akron.

Director and co-producer Jaye Fenderson says they heard about Akron and once they got here, they fell in love.


Ohio House District 37 changed parties on election night by a razor thin margin.

Hudson city councilman Casey Weinstein, a democrat, defeated republican Mike Rasor by roughly 600 votes out of an estimated 55-thousand votes cast.

Weinstein plans to focus on putting people first.

M.L. Schultze / WKSU public radio

The 2018 midterm elections are expected to make history. A study from the Pew Research Center says in both parties, voter enthusiasm for a midterm election is at its highest level in the last 20 years. Congress, health care and the economy are among the top issues for voters.

Cuyahoga and Hamilton Counties are providing unofficial live voter turnout results by party affiliation, in-person and absentee voters, precincts, cities and Google Maps. 

Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital is discharging colorectal patients sooner after surgery with a significant reduction in opiates.

The average length of stay for a patient is five or six days, but the new protocol reduces stay to 2.5 days. The hospital is using a ketamine based anesthetic, blocking pain in the abdomen before and after surgery.