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For the next month, the City of Akron is inviting public feedback about phase two of its $11 million project to transform Main Street.

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Ohio’s incoming Secretary of State is taking some heat over one of the people he has selected to co-chair his transition team – Ken Blackwell, who’s been blasting Democrats in the ongoing vote count in Florida. 

Frank LaRose says he picked Blackwell because he held the Secretary of State’s office for eight years – though his term was marked by lawsuits over various voting issues. But LaRose says Blackwell is also a staunch conservative.

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The Libertarian Party

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio appear to be on the verge of no longer being recognized as minor parties, based on the results of last week’s vote and a state law from 2013. But a spokesman for one of those parties said that law actually protects their status.

The law says minor parties need 3 percent of the vote in a gubernatorial or presidential election to keep their status. 

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The Ohio House has sent a "stand your ground" bill to the State Senate after passing it Wednesday 64-26. The law, sponsored by Geauga County Republican Sarah Latourette, would remove requirements to retreat in confrontations that could result in force.

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It’s taken two decades of planning, but Cuyahoga County has finally joined other counties of its size with a new center for abused children.

Canopy Child Advocacy Center will provide resources for victims and their families all in one place.

The center joins together 18 entities responsible for investigating and responding to cases of child abuse. Services in the new facility include a medical suite for on-site assessment, office spaces for mental health therapy and observation rooms for victim interviews.