photo of Emilia Sykes, Dan Horrigan, Ilene Shapiro, Tavia Galonski

The City of Akron today announced a coalition to make sure everyone in the city is counted in the 2020 census.

Officials say Akron’s population could affect federal funding for a number of programs and even representation in Washington. Population losses are expected to cost Ohio a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Officials in Akron say getting an accurate count here could help prevent that seat from being in Northeast Ohio.


Some national elections experts have been issuing warnings about the potential for voting machines to be hacked. But elections officials in Ohio want to make sure voters understand what that really means. 

When you hear about hackers, you might picture someone sitting at a computer remotely breaking in.

But Ohio’s voting machines are not connected to the internet, and neither are the tabulation devices. 

Aaron Ockerman, with the Ohio Association of Election Officials, says election security is a very real issue that they’ve been preparing for.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Friday the creation of a new task force in Cleveland aimed at taking down drug trafficking and violent crime.

Speaking at the U-S Attorney’s office in Cleveland, Rosenstein says there will be a mix of federal and local agencies involved in the strike force.

"Those agencies have diverse capabilities, and by working together with a single mission, we know they can make an impact in dismantling drug organizations here and internationally, but only if they work together with our state and local partners."

A photo of Paul Brown (left) reviewing football films with Fritz Heisler and Weeb Ewbank, 1951.

A new wing of the Massillon Museum opened Friday, offering visitors a place to reflect upon the life and legacy of football legend Paul Brown.

Part of an 18,000 square foot expansion, the Paul Brown Museum brings together history and art — as well as Brown’s personal effects and collections related to his history in the sport.

photo Voters in Cuyahoga County

Early voting is seeing an uptick in several northeast Ohio counties this election season.

Regina Johnson, the coordinator for nursing home voting and early voting in Stark County, says the county had 2,483 early in-person voters in the last mid-term election. This year, 3,548 people have already voted in-person in Stark.

Faith Lyon, the director of Portage County’s Board of Elections, says 13,572 people have voted early or requested absentee ballots – an increase of about 3,000 from the last midterm.