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Just ignore it?CyberbullyingWhen Victims Can't Fight BackBullied to DeathNo Legal RecourseIt Takes a Community

Mean Kids Part Four : Two lawsuits claim that in the space of three years as many five students in one local district committed bullycide.
The Mohat family mourns a son who shot himself to death. The Vidovic family lives with the memory of a daughter hanging from her window. And Kirk Zajac is haunted by what he did to Andy Lehman, a boy he bullied until the day Andy threw himself in front of a truck. In this segment of “Mean Kids,” WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports on local families dealing with the most extreme consequence of bullying:  suicide.

Vivian Goodman

Mean Kids Part Four

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Bill Mohat says Eric didn't report being bullied until just before his suicide.

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Kirk Zajac knocked on Nick Lehman's door to apologize for the suicide of his son

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Kirk Zajac and Nick Lehman now work with

Tyler Wilson, of Findlay, and his mother were on ABC’s Good Morning America after bullies broke Tyler’s arm for being a male cheerleader in middle school.



Listener Comments:

I went to Mentor School systems from 3rd grade to 9th grade and i honestly cannot remember a day that went by that i wasn't bullied! Not only because of what i wore but also because of my nationality. I am now 22 years old and i can say that the only time i have ever thought of taking my life was when i was being bullied in school. I complained to many in the schools but it was as if my complaints were unheard or not important and i just think it is so terrible that bullying has gotten this bad. It's really sad, i can remember my mother not having enough money to buy nice clothes or shoes for me and the kids at school making fun of me everyday for it, the mental stress was unbelievable especially when i entered Shore Jr. High. Some days were unbearable for me, the racial slurs and knowing that someone was going to have something bad to say about me for no reason it was just rediculous. I really dont know why bullying has gotten this bad and has been ignored for so long but this is what happens when the adults dont take it serious. I complained to teachers, principals, guidance counsilors but it seemed as though my complaints were pushed to the side. Im praying for these families that have lost a loved one to suicide.

Posted by: dominique mcclain (painesville) on October 7, 2010 12:10PM
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