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Mean Kids Part Three : Many bullied students never report it to adults. Parents and teachers of children with special needs are especially challenged to find out the truth.
A child who's pushed around on the playground, shaken down for lunch money, excluded from games, or called "gay" always has the option of telling a teacher or parent. But many don’t. Some children stay silent out of fear; others because they don't have the words. In today’s segment of Mean Kids, WKSU's Vivian Goodman reports on the toll bullying takes on children with special problems and special needs.

Vivian Goodman

Mean Kids Part Three

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Additional Resources:

A ScienceNews article was released last week covering bullying and its effects on kids.


Warning signs your child is being bullied:
·         Seems unusually sad, depressed or moody after school
·         Experiences a loss of appetite or sleep disturbances
·         Comes home from school with torn clothes or missing items
·         Has unexplained scratches/cuts/bruises
·         Has low self-esteem
·         Has few friends whom he/she spends time with
·         Avoids going to school or after-school activities
(Information from

The book Bullycide in America, compiled by Brenda High. 

The Ohio Department of Education’s Bullying Prevention Resources

Teaching Tolerance, which can be found on the ODE’s page.


Listener Comments:

Kids should be taught to respect, to care for, to look out for one another. The authority figures on the bus, on the playground, and in the classroom are the examples during the school day. They need to step-up and enforce strict consequences when damaging

Posted by: Donne (Solon) on October 8, 2010 3:10AM
Instead of Bully Policy they should call it Denial Policy.

Posted by: K Atwood (Tallmadge) on October 6, 2010 4:10AM
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