TREPS: The Young Titans of the New Economy

Americans under age 30 are creating new businesses at a faster rate than any previous generation. We've all heard about the 19 year old college dropout who started Napster, but he's just one of a whole new breed of young entrepreneurs capitalizing on the technological revolution and the booming global economy.
There's even a new slang term for them: "treps". Having grown up in an era of recession, lay-offs, divorce, and great social change, treps often distrust the corporate culture and yearn to shape their own futures and the experiences of others. They are willing to trade the leisure of youth for long work days and sleep deprivation. They are willing to take business risks while they are young, trusting that even if they stumble they will find sanctuary in the new economy. In "TREPS: The Young Titans of the New Economy" WKSU's Vivian Goodman talked with young entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio about their motivations and their dreams.
Tim Cartwright
The trend of Americans becoming entrepreneurs at an earlier age has spawned a new slang word: "trep". Tim Cartwright is one of the most intrepid of "treps", investing his time, his money, and all his hopes in an Internet business that could make him a multi-millionaire before he's out of his 30's.
Christian Fletcher
A Department of Education report says "Generation X'ers" are accustomed to and always ready for change. Having grown up in an era of dramatic economic, social, and technological change, they may be ideally suited for entrepreneurship. Christian Fletcher, at 25, has created his own very exotic business, and he's always ready for adventure.

Photo Caption: Christian Fletcher trades with villagers of the Hmong tribe in Laos for spiritual artifacts which he brings back to sell at his Chagrin Falls, Ohio store, "The Monkey King".

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