Moms Who Mean Business: Part Two

The trend of mothers choosing to continue their professional lives while staying at home with their children is advancing thanks to progressive employers who are offering alternative work arrangements. Many of these employers are home-based working mothers, themselves.
In "Moms Who Mean Business: Part Two" WKSU's Vivian Goodman explores why companies are willing to offer telecommuting and part-time opportunities to mothers. She also introduces us to women business owners who promote the home-based lifestyle.
Suzanne Hawkins
Suzanne Hawkins had a promising career as a speech pathologist until the morning at the day care center when she had to pry her crying son's little hand off her pant leg to be able to leave him there. She decided that morning to quit her job. But she wanted to stay involved in her field. Today she is a sales consultant for a publishing company that specializes in speech pathology. Her company allows her to work from home. In fact, most of the company's employees are home-based working mothers.
Suzie Little
Suzie Little is the mother of four toddlers and the owner of "What's Hempening Baby?", ( a web-based business that produces and sells environmentally-safe baby and maternity clothing. She operates her business from her home thanks to technology that lets her communicate with suppliers and distributors worldwide. Most of her employees are home-based working mothers like herself.
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