Moms Who Mean Business: Part One

New technology, good economic times, and societal change have created a new kind of "stay-at-home mom". Many women are choosing to stay home with their children without sacrificing their careers, by operating home-based businesses.
Many of their customers and employees are other home-based working mothers. In "Moms Who Mean Business: Part One" WKSU's Vivian Goodman introduces us to some of these entrepreneurs and explores the benefits as well as the challenges of their lifestyles and workstyles in balancing work and family.
Erica Kuntz
Erica Kuntz has 3 children, all under the age of eleven. She admits she neglects her housework sometimes, but she is doing a remarkable job raising her children and raising revenue with her home-based webhosting business, ( In less than two years she has grown the business to more than 500 accounts, many of which are the web sites of other home-based working mothers.
Anne Perusek
Anne Perusek is raising her teenage children at her home in Cleveland, which also serves as her office. She is the editor of the national monthly magazine of the Society of Women Engineers. She quit a high-pressure job in the corporate world because it did not allow her to balance her work and family responsibilities. The headquarters of her current employer is far away from Cleveland, but that is no impediment in this digital age.
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