Money Doesn't Matter: Author and Farmer Gene Logsdon on Enjoying Life

While many people find their lives getting busier with work and family responsibilities, others have decided to simplify.
In "Money Doesn't Matter: Author and Farmer Gene Logsdon on Enjoying Life" WKSU's Julie Grant visited Logsdon who runs what is called a "cottage farm" in Upper Sandusky and advocates "living at nature's pace."
Gene Logsdon
Gene Logsdon has written more than a dozen books and over one hundred essays on alternative farming, organic gardening and rural life. His father's farm went bankrupt and Logsdon left Ohio for an education. He, his wife, and two children lived near Philadelphia, where he wrote for "Farm Journal Magazine." But he didn't want to spend time at the office. He wanted to be home raising his children. And he missed life on the farm. Twenty-five years ago he moved his family to Wyandot County, Ohio, to a 32-acre farm not far from his childhood home. He spends his time writing and tending his gardens and fields. He also enjoys spending time with his grandkids, helping his son build a farm next door, and, until recently, playing on a softball team. Logsdon believes most people today worry too much about money and don't spend enough time doing the things that make them happy.
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