Stay At Home Dads
The changing American workplace has led to some role-reversal in millions of households across the country.
Over the last four-decades, more and more women have entered the job market, leaving the traditional duties of cooking, cleaning and raising the kids to their husbands. In "Stay At Home Dads," WKSU's Kevin Niedermier visits with a father who proudly wears the title, "Mr. Mom"...
Rynett Vall
Rynett Vall talks about being the wife of a stay-at-home dad. She says her husband's job kept him on the road most of the week, and when the grant that financed his osteoporosis study ran out, their household changed.
Garry Vall
Garry Vall says being a stay-at-home dad has been a good experience for both him and his 3-year-old son Andy.
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