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part 7: overseas adoptionpart 8: health issuespart 9: gay adoption
part 10: intercultural adoption

Every day, individuals come together and become a family. Many twosomes bring children into the world the old-fashioned way but an increasing number of couples (and singles) are choosing to deliberately welcome children into their lives either through adoption or as foster parents.

"A Place For Me? Adoption and Foster Care in Ohio" focuses on the many facets of adoption and foster care today in the state of Ohio. Subjects as varied as adopting foreign orphans, non-traditional family structures, post-adoption services, and group residences will present a fuller picture of the overwhelming challenges and rewards involved in bringing children into a home to create families. WKSU award-winning Reporter/Producers Vincent Duffy and Mark Urycki will lead the team of reporters discovering the controversies and expectations tied to this very timely subject.

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