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Northeast Ohio has a history of making things. Today, along with liquid crystals and polymers, it’s salsa and artisan cheese. A hot new food scene is simmering among local growers, chefs, producers, educators and epicures, and from now on, every Friday, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman will sample new offerings in “Quick Bites”.

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Bringing back the bees after a brutal winter
The Medina Beekeepers Association springs into action with optimism and new approaches to saving the beleaguered honey bee

Not a lot is buzzing in the bee yard this spring in what looks like another sobering season for beekeepers. After a brutal winter many hives are empty.  But hopes are not, especially in Medina, where a welcome sign reads “home of the honey bee.”  In today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports that when times get tough for bees, their friends in Medina get busy.
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Potential impact of fracking worries Northeast Ohio farmers
The industry claims farmers' concerns about water and air quality are unwarranted

The government is now asking citizens to help in a bid to find safer ways to get at rich deposits of natural gas. Farmers in Northeast Ohio say there’s a lot at stake, including the safety of local food. WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports in this week’s Quick Bite on farmers’ concerns and industry reassurances.
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Soul food for a health-conscious community
Chef Robin Blair brings families together at the dinner table with healthy adaptations of traditional favorites.

Editor's note: This feature originally aired May 9, 2014
Tomorrow in Baton Rouge, La.; next week in Charlotte, N.C.; and July 5th in Cleveland, there will be soul food festivals. It’s been a summer tradition in urban centers since the term was coined in the ‘60s. But soul food has evolved since its origins in slavery, and today on Quick Bites, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports it can be healthy as well as tasty.
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What Van Gogh might have had for lunch
In spring, asparagus becomes a work of art in Dutch cuisine

We have seven weeks left to enjoy spring, but only three to enjoy a taste of Holland at the Cleveland Museum of Art. A special menu at the museum’s restaurant, running concurrently with a Van Gogh exhibition, celebrates the season as well as the painter’s culinary heritage.  WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports in today’s Quick Bite on a springtime meal he might have enjoyed in his native land.
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Rabbits: Cute pets for some and a source of protein for others
With 2 billion more mouths to feed on the planet by mid-century, farmers and chefs like rabbits

A week after Easter, our next topic is rabbit.  Not to cuddle, but to consume.  Rabbits are not only cute pets, but also a protein source that’s easy to raise, tastes like chicken, and has Ohio chefs and farmers ready to hop right in. 

For today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman visits a local rabbitry.
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Farm-to-School: Cafeteria lunch is fresh and local at Tallmadge High School
Fresh Fork Market in Cleveland and Pisanick Partners in Broadview Heights teamed up for "Farm-to-School Week."

Produce from Northeast Ohio’s small farms is starting to show up in school cafeterias.  That’s thanks to the efforts of a gourmet chef, a local foods entrepreneur, and a dietician on a mission. For today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman visited as they got cooking on their pilot project at Tallmadge High School.
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Boutique butcher shows home cooks how to make sausage
Chef Melissa Khoury recently left the high-end restaurant scene to focus on pork

Bismark wrote that, like law-making, it shouldn’t be seen. But sausage-making is proudly on display in the kitchen/classroom of Cleveland’s self-proclaimed “Queen of Pork.” In today’s Quick Bite WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports on one chef’s mission to bring back a lost skill.
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A taste of Greece and Rome at the University of Akron
Scholars at the University of Akron offer a banquet from the Hellenistic and Roman eras

Next week at the University of Akron they’ll be partying like it’s 400 BC.  Scholars of anthropology and classical studies are sponsoring the kind of dinner Plato might have reclined on a satin-pillowed couch to enjoy.  In today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman goes gastronomically back in time for “A Taste of Greece and Rome.”
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Young Ohio farmers grow hope
A documentary at the Cleveland International Film Festival shows the plight and the passion of America's young farmers

A quiet revolution is changing America’s food culture, and our state is in the vanguard. A healthy appetite for local food puts Ohio in the top five for farmers’ markets. And according to the recent USDA Census of Agriculture, Ohio is No. 7 in the number of farms.  But growing food can be back-breaking work. We’re steadily losing farmland, and our farmers aren’t getting any younger. Tonight at the Cleveland International Film Festival, the documentary "FARMLAND" profiles a new generation of Americans struggling to stay on the farm in hard times. 

In today’s Quick Bite WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports that young farmers in Northeast Ohio are just as challenged, and just as determined to succeed.
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From the Quick Bites larder: Extending the growing season with high tunnel greenhouses
Another look at how delicious greens endure the cold so you can buy them at the  winter farmers' markets

Today we're raiding the Quick Bites larder to rediscover how our winter farmers' markets manage to offer fresh greens even in these frigid times.
We visited the Countryside Conservancy's winter market back in February of 2012 for this story.
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Cleveland Whiskey takes a shot at making it big by making it fast
One of Northeast Ohio's newest distillers ages its whiskey for weeks not years

Saint Patrick’s Day also marks the first anniversary of a new Cleveland distillery with a float in the parade and party plans to follow. It’s a happy birthday for Cleveland Whiskey after selling 50,000 bottles in just its first year. In part two of Quick Bites’ look at local liquor, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports its firebrand founder is making waves with his new accelerated process for aging firewater.
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Drinking like a locavore
Northeast Ohio is rolling out the barrel for locally produced liquor

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the term “drinking responsibly” has a deeper meaning for those who insist on knowing where their food comes from. Locavores look to boost the local economy along with their spirits. And there are new ways to “drink local” now that craft distilling is catching on in Northeast Ohio. In the first of two Quick Bites on the region’s micro-distilleries, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman takes us to a maker of the apple brandy known as “applejack.”
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Poutine, Canada's favorite comfort food, crosses the border
You can get it in downtown Cleveland and now also at University Circle

UPDATE, OCT. 24 2014:
When our story first aired in February, it included a reference to plans for another location of WRAPZ near Cleveland State University. That site remains under construction.

A new University Circle restaurant with many healthy choices on its menu also features one dish that can frankly be described as a heart attack in a bowl. In today's Quick Bite, WKSU's Vivian Goodman discovers poutine.
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Ohio farmers consider their next steps now that the Farm Bill is law
Small and organic farmers made gains, but concerns remain that the food system still needs fixing

Ohio’s family farmers are hoping to harvest some benefits now that Congress has finally ploughed through the political impasse and the Farm Bill is law.

Those who shop for local and organically grown fruits and vegetables may also reap some gains. But as WKSU's Vivian Goodman reports in today's Quick Bite, there's still concern about growing inequities in the nation's food system.
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A Kent State chef's recipe for romance
Schwebel Room Executive Chef Michael Fiala shares the  Valentine's Day menu that won his wife's heart

Tonight, in kitchens everywhere, people in love are pinning their hopes on dinner.  Will this be the night good cooking melts his or her heart?  In the belief that professional cooks might have an unfair advantage in the game of love. WKSU’s Vivian Goodman found a chef for today’s Quick Bite who’s willing to play cupid and share his delicious secrets.
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Culinary educator Loretta Paganini pursues her passion at Sapore in Chesterland
Paganini's fine dining restaurant is on the campus of her cooking schools

The billowing soufflé of Cleveland’s restaurant revival is in danger of falling flat without a new influx of talent. Owners are desperate to get more well-trained cooks into their kitchens. But never fear, foodies. A veteran culinary educator has heard the call and is sending in reinforcements.
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