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Lipinski Strad
The Lipinski Strad (Michael Darnton)

Police in Milwaukee today (Thursday 6 February) confirmed that a violin recovered from the attic of a house in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood is the rare Lipinski Stradivarius stolen from the Milwaukee Symphony’s concertmaster last Monday (27 January).

Three people were arrested Wednesday, apparently in connection with the theft. One was later released. As of Thursday, no charges had been filed, but that’s expected on Friday.

Concertmaster Frank Almond had been shot with a stun gun. Police say that information from Taser International led them to a Milwaukee resident. On a tip, they also detained a man previously convicted of a 1995 theft from a Milwaukee art gallery.

One of the suspects led police to an acquaintance’s home. There, armed with a search warrant, they found the violin in a suitcase, apparently undamaged. The special custom-made violin case that Almond had used to protect the instrument had earlier been found empty near the scene of his attack.

Almond has scars on his wrist and chest from the stun gun used to assault him, but he’s otherwise physically unharmed.

The recovered Lipinski Strad is back with its anonymous owners. Prior to 2008, when they allowed Almond to use the instrument, they’d kept it in a bank vault. Almond expects to be reunited with the violin this weekend.

In recent years, more rare instruments have become investments for wealthy collectors. This trend is pricing fine historical instruments beyond the means of many working musicians.

However, when collectors lend those instruments to musicians, the instruments grow in reputation and value. Regular use and maintenance also keeps them in better shape than if they were stored away.

Some concern remains that this theft might prompt some collectors to think twice before lending their instruments. Musicians and orchestras also worry about its effect on already-high instrument insurance premiums.

On the other hand, indications are that this was strictly a local job, not a major international heist. That and the speedy recovery are good news for musicians and music lovers.

Further Information:

Milwaukee Police Confirm Recovery at The Guardian

Art Thief Among Suspects at the Milwaukee Star-Tribune

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