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Felix Mendelssohn (Wikimedia Commons)

Two hundred years ago today, February 3rd, 1809, Abraham and Lea Mendelssohn welcomed a baby boy who would eventually produce, introduce and reintroduce the world to his and other composers’ (notably JS Bach’s) elegant and inventive music.

Many of Felix Mendelssohn’s greatest compositions have never been published, but thanks to the work of an organization called The Mendelssohn Project, some of these lost compositions are now coming to light and to the concert hall.

Listen to Unearthing Mendelssohn’s Lost Works at

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2 Responses to “Unearthing Mendelssohn’s Lost Works”

  1. consuelo sherba Says:

    I’m looking for a score or set of parts for the early string quartet in eflat major (1823) of Felix Mendelssohn. Is there any way I could purchase this on-line, quickly? I’m also interested in the early fugues for string quartet.

    Thank you,

    Consuelo Sherba, Artistic Director Aurea, violist

  2. David Roden Says:

    I’m not sure how quickly they’ll be able to supply it, but a web search turned up the E flat quartet, in parts, at Ourtext in the UK. Try here :

    It’s near the bottom of the page – search for it, or scroll down.

    According to the Mendelssohn Project Sylvia mentioned, the fugues are still unpublished.

    You might try contacting the project to enquire about future publication plans :

    Best wishes!

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