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Lang Lang (Photo: La Scena Musicale)

Young star pianist Lang Lang is unquestionably a distinctive artist. In another way, though, he represents the evolving musical culture of his homeland. China is now the home of the world’s most active piano manufacturer — and as many as 80 million piano students (see A Nation of Pianos and Pianists).

Fundamental tenets of Confucian philosophy emphasize the importance of education and success, acceptance and recognition of authority, and service to one’s neighborhood and country. These principles remain influential in many Asian nations, including China. Families often make enormous personal and financial sacrifices to ensure that their children achieve these goals.

Lang Lang’s book Journey of a Thousand Miles tells the story of his family’s efforts to help him develop his artistry and career. He’ll visit Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cleveland Wednesday (8 October 2008) at 7pm to discuss Journey and autograph copies. For more information, ring up Joseph-Beth at 216 691-7000.

Further reading:

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Journey of a Thousand Miles at Powell’s Books

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Lang Lang’s website

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2 Responses to “Meet Lang Lang”

  1. dawg Says:

    Does anybody think Bang Bang–I mean Lang Lang–sucked in his performance of the two Chopin piano concertos Sunday 19 October 2008 at NJPAC? My partner thinks he sux, including his encore piece (also from Chopin). Lang’s syrupy romanticism sux.

    “tenets of Confucian philosophy emphasize the importance of education and success, acceptance and recognition of authority”

    Authority sux. Thank goodness the Western tradition questions authority. That’s why Hitler lost. Hitler sucked too.

    Some people think Lenin and Stalin sucked, but communist memorabilia is hot right now. Saying communism is uncool is uncool if you’re an intellectual for the past half century. You want to engage in Red Scare tactics. You’re a marginal fascist. Fascism definitely sux if you’re an intellectual. But not communism.

  2. Shar Says:

    obviously dawg is not a student or former student from any educational institution
    of HIGHER LEARNING or he obviously is not well- educated at all. Needless to say
    Lang Lang is a Graduate of Curtis College-USA, I am sure dowg is not familiar with
    all of the gifts to this world-a STAR shining bright-Lang Lang. Shame on dawg and his partner,
    must not have a poetic or musical love of in his body, what a wasted seat at that
    Very sad hateful boys such as these could be blessed with hearing Lang Lang’s beautiful
    poetry to the heart………………….

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