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Akron's Second Chance Village Prepares for Shutdown

Akron City Council has set Thanksgiving as the deadline for the shutdown of Second Chance Village .

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Aultman Hospital in Canton closed the doors of its psychiatric unit this week. It was the last remaining inpatient psychiatric care facility in Stark County.

The decision to close was made because new regulations to psychiatric care would require $2 million in renovations to the unit.

Instead, the hospital decided to focus its care strategy on emergency room treatment for more urgent cases and outpatient care for long-term issues.

Ohio Lags Nation in Income Growth

Sep 14, 2018
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As the rest of the nation celebrated in recent days that middle class income finally had recovered from the Great Recession, there was no cause to cheer in Ohio.

Recession after recession for generations, Ohio rebounded from hard times, but not anymore. Not only has the state failed to rebound from the Great Recession, we have yet to recover from the 2001 recession.


Gorge Dam Project Inches Forward

Sep 14, 2018

A contractor has been selected to plan the next phase in the removal of the massive concrete dam that blocks the Cuyahoga River at Gorge Metro Park.

It’s an important step in creating a free flowing river.

Environmental regulators have long claimed that the Gorge dam keeps the Cuyahoga in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Behind the century-old dam is a lake full of contaminated sediment that need to be safely removed.

Designing that process is the task of CH2M, a Colorado-based construction firm with expertise in environmental cleanup.

Cordray and President Obama

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, September 14:

  • Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings;
  • Obama rallies Ohioans to vote;
  • Auditor reports multiple errors in medical marijuana growing selections;
  • About 100 people to become U.S. citizens this weekend
  • Thousands of Ohio schools respond to survey on safety measures;

Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings

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Former President Barack Obama was on Cleveland’s east side yesterday for a rally in support of the state’s Democratic ticket.

Although this was a campaign appearance for Richard Cordray -- who served in the Obama administration as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the former president spent much of the speech discussing the current U.S. political climate. He touched on several issues – the economy, education, and Medicaid expansion – saying they transcend party lines.

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Schools throughout Ohio are finding out whether they are making the grade on the state’s annual school report cards released Thursday.   State school Superintendent Paolo DeMaria is upbeat about the report cards this year, urging Ohioans to look at the data behind the grades. “We’re seeing improvement and academic achievement happening all across the state in every corner of the state.” Overall school and district grades are new this year, and it would be hard to see that improvement by looking at those.


The Republican candidate for governor says Ohio should be a leader in using technology to improve government services and the climate for business. And he wants his running mate to head up the effort to do that.

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The Ohio Department of Education has released its report cards for more than 600 school districts across the state.  Twenty-eight districts received an overall letter grade of A. Fourteen were stamped with the letter F.   It’s the first time overall letter grades were given to school districts.

Statehouse News Bureau / Statehouse News Bureau

State Auditor Dave Yost says he’s found dozens of problems with Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program, and he’s questioning the legality of one of the actions it took.   Yost says he's  found many issues with how the applications for licenses to grow marijuana were scored.“If you wrote a book about how not to roll out a government program, this would be exhibit A.” Yost says the biggest problem is the Ohio Department of Commerce, which oversees the program, didn’t have legal authority to add to the list of growers when it discovered mistakes in scoring.

GM Lordstown plant

The U-S Department of Labor approved a grant Wednesday that will provide funds for employment and training services for 337 workers affected by recent layoffs at the Lordstown General Motors plant.

On January 17, 2017, General Motors laid off more than 1,200 employees at the Lordstown plant. Hundreds more workers from three other auto suppliers also lost their jobs because of the cutbacks.



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It's a terrifying weapon: a nuclear-powered cruise missile that can fly anywhere on the planet, possibly spewing radioactivity as it goes. In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his nation had successfully tested just such a machine.

But new satellite imagery of a remote Russian test site suggests that the missile may not be working as well as claimed.

European Union helps Iran evade U.S. sanctions

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Ray Dalio discusses the anatomy of the debt cycle

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Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. He predicted the 2008 financial crisis a year earlier and Bridgewater can be counted as one of the survivors of that crisis. He recently released a new book, titled "A Template for Understanding Big Debt Crises," in which he touches upon the symptomatic and historic nature of debt cycles and explains how a better understanding of how these cycles function can work in our favor.

Searching the web is one of the most revealing things you can do. It shows what you're looking to buy, where you want to go and if you're worried about a weird rash. When you search Google, those searches help power its huge digital advertising networks, which is why you might see skin cream ads for that rash days later on a totally different website. But do people know how much information they're giving up? And do they care? Recently, a privacy-oriented search engine called DuckDuckGo raised $10 million from a Canadian pension fund. It's trying to establish itself as the anti-Google. 

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